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What is Vooya Lab?


Vooya Lab is a wholistic psychological assessment that provides a formula to help you understand yourself and find out what your true potentials are. We believe that every person possesses different potentials. In order to succeed in this highly competitive world, one must optimize those potentials. However, not everyone is aware of what their true potentials really are. So many students who choose wrong majors during college become jobless after holding their degrees, and so many people give up on trying because they do not know what they love doing and what they are good at. We understand that not knowing one’s true potentials is a serious problem. Therefore, Vooya Lab is here to give you a hand to uncover your true potentials.

Vooya Lab Formula


We will assess you based on 5 psychological aspects: Intelligence, Aptitude, Passion, Personality & Emotion, and Adversity. By using these 5 aspects, we will able to measure your cognitive skills or your capacity in learning, find what you are good at, know what you love doing, understand your personality when dealing in different circumstances, and to see your ability in overcoming hardships. As the result, you will discover the real potential within yourself so you are ready to shoot your long-term target.

Measure your cognitive skills & capacity in learning
Find out which areas that you are good at
Know what you like to maximize your potentials
Know your personality traits & emotional intelligence
Know your ability in overcoming hard times/adversity

Vooya Lab Assessment Mechanism


We have gathered licensed and highly competent psychologists with huge concerns in education as well as personal and career development to provide psychological coaching and consultations. They have undertaken graduate, post-graduate and/or doctoral training in clinical psychology from the most notable universities in the country and obtained Psychodrama, REBT (Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) certificates.

Vooya Lab Assessment Mechanism


Test Duration

What Makes Vooya Lab Different

What makes vooya lab different

Vooya Lab Packages


  • Passion / Career (PQ) Assesment with Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
  • Adversity (AQ) Assesment
  • 1x interpretation consultation



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