Have you planned your summer trip this year? If you haven’t, visiting London will be a great preference.

It is inarguably true that London has everything you can include in your travel itinerary – from the awesome spots to take some artsy pictures for the sake of your Instagram feed to the excitement of going around the city with the iconic Double Decker Bus. But it might sound boring, somehow, if you only spend your one week in London with an ordinary list of activities like sightseeing, taking pictures, or enjoying local cuisines. For you are visiting the capital city of Great Britain, having an extraordinary travel experience is not an option.

Keep in mind that to attain the extraordinary travel experience, you need to make the most of the city you are visiting. Here are 7 extraordinary activities you can do to make the most of your London trip this summer.

British Etiquette and Royal Afternoon Tea

Tea is an important part of British culture. And one way to make the most of your trip is by experiencing the local culture. As the first activity, you can participate in a Royal Afternoon Tea class to learn the way the British people drink their tea in a fashionable way. Beside practicing how to gracefully hold your teacup and sit in a sophisticated manner, you will also learn about the history of tea, from how Great Britain got their tea from India, how the teabags were invented, to what made tea ritual become an everlasting tradition in the country.


Fencing Lesson

Move your muscle a little bit by taking a fencing lesson class. Here, you will get to know the art and technique of drawing a sword like Zorro as you can take a picture in a heroic pose. Don’t you think it would be much fancier to post your photo during a sword combat in a knight-like armor?


Street Art and Graffiti

This is your great chance to paint the wall of London streets without feeling afraid of getting caught by the cops. By joining the Art and Graffiti workshop, you can create your own graffiti from scratch and learn different spray techniques. Feel free to fill your smartphone memory with tons of London-street-art photos once you finished spray-painting the local wall.


Cooking ala Master Chef

Eating local food while traveling to a certain place is ordinary, but cooking your own local food in the place you are visiting can be considered extraordinary. As your next extraordinary activity in London, you will have a chance to know how it feels like to make your own delicious English cuisines in Jamie Oliver cooking class.


The Business of Football at Chelsea FC

If you are a Chelsea fan, this activity might be like a pilgrimage for you. Through a Business of Football workshop at Stamford Bridge stadium, you will have the opportunity to get closer to your beloved football club and gain an insight of how the football business works.


Shakespeare Drama Workshop

Shakespeare is known as a poet, playwright, and an actor with the most significant contribution to the development of modern English. He is like a prophet in English literature. Exploring his legendary and phenomenal works through a drama workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe will surely take your summer trip experience to the next level. Not only that, you will also get the chance to watch the live performance of Hamlet or other Shakespeare’s plays after the workshop session.


The Making of Harry Potter

Perhaps, you’ve already witnessed the miraculous landscape of Harry Potter movie through your TV screen. Now, you can take your chance to directly explore the magic world of Harry Potter in real life by visiting Warner Bros Studio London.

There is nothing more extraordinary than stepping into the Great Hall, Forbidden Forrest, and Diagonal Alley and getting to know how to bring the giant serpent - Basilisk to life.

There are still more to do and to explore, but these seven activities should suffice to make the most of your London trip. Maybe you would find some difficulties in arranging your itinerary by yourself, or you are probably too busy to do it. No problem! You could take the shortcut of your extraordinary journey to London by joining Vooya’s experiential study tour.

With Vooya’s #UnlockingYou Project, you will get the opportunity to have a complete extraordinary tour package – workshops across multidisciplinary subjects including the 7 activities mentioned, explorative sightseeing at London’s most iconic landmarks, and the perk to visit several well-known universities in the UK.

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